Artist Statement

My works act as gates into a surreal realm which tackles questions of reality, spirituality, and dreams. Painting is my tool to learn the unconscious phenomena, to understand the backbone of my thoughts, feelings, and imagination. I romanticize nature through my own abstract lens, which reflects the spiritual frequencies, auras, and morphic fields that are invisible to a naked eye. My fractal abstractions mimic patterns that are found in our universe, whether it is a cosmic nebula or the nerve system inside a brain, the abstract brushstrokes mirror the chaotic structures that we see or don’t see every day. Drawing inspiration from art history and ancient cultures, philosophy, psychology, and  nature, painting allows me to transfer my ideas and interests on a canvas. By using a colorful palette I force the colors to trigger a chain of thoughts or remind my audience of emotions that are bound in their conscious. To me, an emotional state can never be 100% pure; hence why my works depict a variety of colors. 




2014-2018  Boston University. BA in Art History. Boston, MA 

2009-2014   Aiglon College. IB and GCSE art. Switzerland 


Group Shows  

2018   Milan Biennial of Art, M.A.D. Gallery. Milan, Italy

2017   International Group Show, Colorida Art. Lisbon, Portugal

2017   Familiar Patterns. Matter and Light Fine Art. Boston, MA 

2017   Utopia & Dystopia. Polykhroma Collective. Boston, MA



2017   Familiar Patterns. Matter and Light. Boston, MA



2017   Studio residency, Amar Gallery, London UK