2018 Multiverse Theory


Isaac Newton proposes in his book Opticks (1704) “and since Space is divisible in infinitum, and matter is not necessarily in all places, it may be also allowed that God is able to create particles of matter of several sizes and figures, and in several proportions to space, and perhaps of different densities and forces, and thereby to vary the laws of nature, and make worlds of several sorts in several parts of the universe.”


Multiverse Theory explores the representation of the alternative or parallel dimensions by Aristotle Forrester, Adam Oday, and Andrei Okolokoulak. Through abstraction and figuration, with colour and line as tools, the artists create vast foreign worlds that lure a curious mind to learn more about the strange phenomena of alternative universes existing concurrently with ours. Painting the alternative dimensions allow for exploration of the deeper ends of the human experience. The multiverse theory is particularly appealing to artists who work on representing the unbelievable, the unlogical, and the foreign to human mind and everyday life. It is in the parallel universes that artists find comfort to express individuality and subjectivity, and seek solutions to the world’s and personal problems.

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